What do I need for college?

Starting college can be a big step for everyone, and making sure that you have everything that you need for college is an extremely important part of being successful in college. Here, we have created a list of what you will need for college, including items such as backpacks, calculators & laptops!


A good backpack is extremely important for college, especially considering the weight of the items that you often need to carry around for college, such a laptop, books and notes. By making sure that you have the best backpack for college, you can keep you back from hurting and make sure that all of the expensive things that you have bought for college are kept safe.


It’s amazing how quickly laptops have gone from a luxury, to something that you almost cannot live without, so buying the right laptop for college can be a very big decision and one that you should think carefully about before you head to the shops. You consider how portable you need the laptop to be, how powerful you need it to be and your budget. An English major would probably value portability over performance, whereas a computer science major is likely to need a powerful laptop.


If you prefer to make notes by hand instead of on a laptop, then a good notebook is a must for college. We recommend getting one with a hard cover to make sure that your notes are safe and are less likely to get damaged.


Highlighters don’t seem important, but they can make studying far easier by drawing your eye to the most important points, whether in a textbook or in your notes

Pens & Pencils

In college you will need both pens and pencils, make sure that your pen is comfortable rather than just buying the cheapest one as you will be writing a lot of notes in college. Pencils are also needed for multiple choice tests so that you can erase the answer if necessary. Oh yea, you should also get an eraser too!


Some people prefer to make plans using their computer, while others prefer a paper based planner. Either way, college requires excellent time management skills to achieve the best grades, so buying a planner to plan which lessons you need to go to, what work is due and when you need to revise is a must.

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are a must if you have to use lab computers or if your internet connection isn’t great and you don’t necessarily always have access to file sharing services such as Dropbox. Make sure that you buy a drive that has plenty of space for your work and is made by a reliable brand so that you don’t lose your college work!

We hope that you have found this list of items that you need for college useful, if you can think of any other must have items for college, then please let us know in the comments below and we will add them to this list!

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